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This situation was calming down rapidly. First, the other boy had stopped looking so tense. And then he'd offered Ben some of his supplies.

If this was a trap, he'd walk into it head first, because he did need supplies. Badly. He lowered his arms and grinned in relief, relaxing somewhat.

"I, um, yeah. I am actually. Not that I'm starving, but I haven't got that much left." he replied, wanting to be honest, since he'd just been offered food and water out of the blue. And he wasn't starving, or in that bad a shape, if he was honest with himself. He'd had three meals a day - granted, not the most filling of meals, but they'd been enough - and all the walking he'd done the past week had tightened up his leg and back muscles, not much, but enough that he'd noticed it.

Point was, he felt he was justified in lying to whomever attacked or threatened him, but he couldn't do it when they were being nice to him. And being sincere in it.

And since the boy seemed nice enough...

"But, uh, first, could you pass me my wallet, please?" he asked. "It's on the floor, there." He pointed at the boy's feet.
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