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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Given everything that had happened, maybe he should have been more defensive when Clarice started lumbering forward to put her hands on him. He hadn't seen her for days and they hadn't split up on the best terms. Somebody a little more cagey, or practical, or however the hell you wanna phrase it might have kept their distance rather than letting her pull him in, but Ty just didn't care about that at this point. She was all he had left out here. His arms wrapped back around her almost on instinct.

"Me too."

There was a lot for them to be sorry about, but right now he didn't feel like hashing it out. He just wanted to hold her and know she was still alive. From all appearances she was still pretty fucked up, but this was a win. At least it was the closest thing he'd gotten to one the whole time here. He could hold on to this one good thing. It was enough for now.

Keith's voice pulled him back a bit. He looked back but kept holding on to Clarice with one arm. "Clarice, this is Keith. Couldn'tve made it through these last few days without 'im." Maybe that was overselling the dude a bit, but hell, who knew if Ty'd be sane enough to talk at this point if he'd stayed on his own. Sure, wasn't Keith's idea that they get together, but he'd stayed with him. Dude deserved some credit.
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