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She felt him squeeze her hands and push back against her forehead. He blurted out that he wanted to be left alone to die. Her heart sank and she felt sick.

Hazel dropped down to her knees from her bent position, still holding onto Nate's hands. She looked down at the bridge floor.

Jordan asked why he'd want to do such a thing and that made Hazel feel a little better. To her it was obvious. He wanted to end it now with certainty rather than continuing to live in constant stress and anxiousness, never knowing when or how death would arrive but knowing it was coming soon. Giving yourself a controlled, mostly painless death if you did it right rather than wait for someone to come along and do any number of much worse things.

That Jordan didn't understand that meant he was probably a lot more mentally stable than either her or Nate.

"Nate, it's ok. Don't do anything rash. We can stay together. We can figure it out or maybe wait for rescue if we stay together..."

Lies, but it would keep them alive a little longer. They might not be able to live long, but they could cling to as much life as was left.
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