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The tree practically exploded around Jon as he took cover.

What the fuck was that?!

Jon peeked around the side and saw Alessio standing there with a new shotgun.

Fuck! Just his luck, first Alex comes back to life to kill Michael, now Al's back with a gun, hell even Jon came back! Hell of a time for death to take a fucking lunch break, shit!

Jon fired back at Al before taking cover, and reloading his gun.

He wasn't here for this shit, it was supposed to be one on one, where the fuck was Brendan?!

He looked around, then saw him lying down in the ground, hiding again.

Was this some sort of trap? Screw it.

Jon dipped back into the tree lines, ducking out of Al's point of view.

If this was a trap, and he was going to die anyways, he might as well make sure Brendan didn't get to live to do this to someone else.

He got close, running up the hill towards Brendan, he was almost point blank.

If he hadn't suffered from tunnel vision, he would have saw what was going to happen next.

His left ear started ringing, and Jon's body was forced into a nearby tree, his head smashing into the side of it.

He blinked, and he knew something was wrong the moment he lurched forward. Someting was wrong. Really wrong. Everything looked funny, something was different but he didn't know what.

Blood, lots of it, pouring down. He couldn't find his hand for a moment, he looked for the trail of blood before he found it, and tracked where it was moving.

His hand moved up, feeling the blood pour between his fingers as he raised it to the source.

His mask. The eyehole. Blood. He didn't feel it. He couldn't see from that side.

Jon stumbled back, his hand reaching for his face as his body went into subtle convulsions.

His hand felt around that side before it felt something odd... stuck to the cheek of the mask. It stuck to his glove as he pulled his hand back to look, but it slid off before he got a good chance to see what it was.

Dizzyness overtook Jon again, he tried to lean his head back, his hand tried to block the hole the blood was leaking through, but he lost his footing, and rolled down the other side of the hill.

On the way down he caught a glimpse of the one who shot him, but his eye focused on something else.

The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the face of a familiar corpse staring back at him.
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