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She was fumbling with the safety when she heard it, gunshots in the distance.

No, not the distance, they were practically on the docks, and why did they have to be here now?

Jon was the shooter. To think she'd wanted to help him yesterday. What the fuck was wrong with all of them here? Everyone wanted to shoot someone.

And Alessio, he shot at them. With her gun.


She was supposed to take him out before he could do that. He'd missed but it wouldn't be long before he recovered.

He would shoot them.

But if she shot Alessio, Jon still had a gun, and in the absolute best case he'd hit Brendan. And Brendan was a killer too, and fuck, her stupid understanding of morality had not prepared her for this.

Maybe she shoots Jon? But wasn't that what she was trying to prevent Alessio from doing as well?

What was she trying to do anyway? Who was she trying to help? Brendan? Jon? Herself?

She didn't even need to fire, did she. She could just let it play out. Hang back. Let things sort themselves out.

She'd messed up with Will. Messed up so bad. And here they were making her play out the same decisions again and again. And yet, she still couldn't let herself just watch as people got killed right in front of her.

She was doing something stupid again. But this time she knew what she was doing. That made it better, right?

She aimed at Jon and fired.
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