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But then... there were a lot of things that didn't feel right here, weren't there?

Sandra turned away from the corpse again, back to her two companions. Alice was trying to reassure Bryony that maybe Alba killed in self-defense. Maybe that was true. Bryony wanted to find Alba, and figure out what happened. That was definitely true.

Then Bryony raised the point that if they found Alba, they wouldn't have to look for a weapon. Sandra blinked. She expected that kind of logic to come from herself, not from Bryony.

Sandra scratched her head.

"Yeah, that's..." she started, "Yeah, we should definitely find her. To make sure she's okay."

Because right now, they were just three girls without a weapon. And having four girls and one weapon would still be better than that.

Sandra had to mentally rouse herself.

"We... I guess we should get moving..." she finally said after a long pause.

She took one last look at the corpse.
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