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A gunshot attracted all of his attention. He was oblivious to the fact that he as well could have gotten a bullet into his back. Even now, he did not look back at Amanda, he did not care about her, who was still weaponless in his mind. All he cared about were the people who caused the gunshot.

His eyes looked at the newcomers. One was Brendan and the other was the masked guy who shot him. And that guy did not notice him. So he raised his SPAS.

Oh, the masked man. He was not too angry at him shooting his arm. He would not kill Nixon just because he shot him, no that would be a silly reason to shoot him.

No, he shot at him, because he needed someone to shoot. It was not personal. Okay, it kinda was, a teeny bit.

So, for the first time in his life Alessio shot a gun.

And dang, shooting a shotgun was fast. It felt way too powerful. It was extremely loud. It was scary. And it took much power to control it. It did not shoot in the direction Alessio held it to, no, like a snake, the shotgun decided to shoot into a different direction than the one Jon was at.

After he felt the power of the Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun, he had regained his balance again and walked to a different spot, a safer spot if Jon decided to shoot back. But as no flag with 'BANG!' came out of the gun he knew one thing. The gun was real.
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