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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from We Are Monsters ))

This wasn't good. Was Brendan still following him?

Shit... he needed to reload, he needed to find somewhere to lay low.

It wasn't a good idea to sprint halfway across the island in a rubber mask, hoodie, and a leather jacket.

He ducked behind a tree and looked around. Brendan wasn't anywhere around right now, he had his chance. He pulled his mask up away from his mouth so he could breath fresh air again. The scent of blood, sweat, plastic, and his own breath wasn't a good combination.

Jon began loading the revolver, putting in the 4 shots he didn't manage to drop inside it.

He reached into the bag and counted how many was left. He guessed he had at least... 10 shots left.

He grabbed two more bullets and filled the revolver. That would be enough for now.

He continued to look around, Brendan should be coming any time now.

Wait... Jon looked behind him again.

Brendan had somehow overtaken him and got in front of him during the chase.

All alone.

He slowly snuck in closer, revolver in hand.


Jon fired his first shot, and began moving to another location, ducking behind trees.

He peeked around the corner of it and fired two more shots.

If it weren't for the mask blocking his peripheral vision, he might've noticed Al and Amanda.
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