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He bought it.

Somehow he'd bought it and was going away and oh my god he was getting away with the gun and that was the shittiest thing that she'd managed to do on the island so far. Killing one person was stupid enough, now she'd passed a gun to a person she knew would kill.

Everytime she thought she couldn't fuck up any worse she just had to prove herself wrong, didn't she? And if she heard his name on the announcements again, she would know that she was the one who did let it happen.

But there was a way out of that.

She had been thinking about it the entire time and now that the moment had come she couldn't bring herself to do it.

She was overthinking it. All she needed to do was pick it up, point it at him and pray that she hit. She'd managed it once before, why couldn't she just do it now, when it mattered.

He was getting further away.

The longer she hesitated, the further he got, and the worse it would be to try it.

Ther were go. Gun in hand.

She had one shot.

She had to do it.

She needed to do it now.

Her finger pulled the trigger.

For the second time, the trigger didn't budge.
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