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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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It's okay if Asuka did not get the joke. That's the best part about different interpretations; two people can see the same thing differently. Different headspaces, different ways of thinking. Audrey sat up, her arms resting in her lap.

"It's cool, don't worry about it."

She cut the thick silent with a swipe of her hand. She nodded, too, because huzzah for being fucked up. Huzzah, bad things happen to good people. She smirked, eyes closed and the corners of her mouth to crinkle.

"Now you're getting it," Audrey said. She stretched her arms over her head. "We're on the same page now."

She liked Asuka. They were both awkward and weird and a little fucked up. This was okay. Audrey could deal with this. The emptiness in her chest that Alvaro left, the one she could not simply compartmentalize away, remained. But with Asuka, Audrey found it a bit easier to ignore it.

(Audrey Reyes continued in And Now That I Am Here, I Am No Longer Here.)
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