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Kay, looked like she had gotten through to Kimiko. Probably. Kind of hard to tell.

All the same, she let out a sigh of relief when Kimiko went on ahead, taking her gun and her kill streak with her. That could’ve gone a lot of ways, but not being shot at was definitely her preferred outcome. She also wasn't looking forward to Kimiko asking if she wanted to 'team up', or something. Kind of hard to work with a stranger who's confirmed as armed and dangerous, but she wasn't so sure Kimiko would've just politely accepted a no.

Still, all things considered, she'd hopefully done some good with her advice. She might’ve even saved someone’s life, if Kimiko remembered what she’d said. Hey, that’d be cool.

She looked around the room another time, lingering, glancing at the corpse again. Then she caught herself hanging around for no good reason, and moved on.

((Vanessa Stone continued in Keep Cam and Carry On))
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