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((Posting ahead so that Toxie and I can exit to another thread))

Brendan had still been walking backwards when he heard the gunshot. A gunshot?! He felt himself almost fall down from the shock and sudden fear from hearing it. Was someone firing at them? Being shot was one of his biggest fears, but he couldn't start to cower like a frightened child. He realized that whoever shot at them was aiming to kill. Even someone like Maxim who was an innocent person in this unlike him and Dorothy who were known killers.

He turned his head frantically to see who was endangering the three of them. He couldn't let that person get away with it. He had to do something. He had to be willingly to fight back. He couldn't make a mistake like he did with Jae. He had to try and be prepared to risk everything.

He then noticed someone. A figure in the distance next the trees. That must be the shooter! He had to confront whoever that person is. He had to do it now.

He took a deep breath, he glanced back at Dorothy and Maxim with a small smile and then he started to run towards the figure. His shoulder was hurting a little. But that didn't matter. This was what mattered.... Protecting Maxim and Dorothy.

"Hey!! You!!!"
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