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He lowered his gun, put it in the pocket and walked to where Amanda threw her shotgun to pick it up. That was easy. Alessio was not sure what to think of it. Was he convincing? He was right? Or was he not? Alessio did not believe that he was convincing, but perhaps he was a better talker than he thought. Perhaps the shotgun was a fake, like the one he had in his pocket.

"I'll keep the promise."

He held the shotgun. It was a real gun. He could shoot with it. He could shoot her with it. But why would he? She was a killer. Her name was known all around the island. He did not need to kill her, there would be someone else who probably wants to kill her, someone like Michael or Maria. And they would would kill Amanda. Or Amanda would kill them. Either way, that would be better, because deaths meant progress.

Al needed to test the shotgun. Not here, but somewhere else. Holding it was weird with his broken arm, but a gun. A gun meant power. He would not have to do any stupid traps anymore. He would not need to risk his life by going close to someone. He can kill from the distance.

Alessio considered kicking the sword to Amanda, but was too afraid of accidently kicking it away, so he just left it there so she could pick it up herself.

So Alessio turned around and walked off the dock with his brand new gun.
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