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The sword dropped, the metal clanging against wood and concrete before it came to a stop. He really meant what he was saying, didn't he? Every bit of it.

He thought she was strong? For killing someone? That she could win?

Head completely up his arse. She would have laughed if he wasn't pointing a gun at her.

"You're serious. That's why?" But she wasn't going to press any further, not with his gun still pointing at her.

He still wanted to kill.

The worst part was hat his argument almost made sense. Letting him go along and kill people meant that she wouldn't have to kill anyone and yet still have a shot of making it home. She'd already killed once. It counted even if it was an accident, right? She'd meant to kill someone anyway, and she'd gotten the wrong person. If she could make it home-

But no. No. No. No. Just thinking about it this much was bad enough. She wasn't this kind of selfish person. It was sounded nice, way nice. But she was supposed to be better than that. Besides, there was no way to make sure he kept his promise. What if he shot her anyway? That would be the smart thing to do, if she was him. And Alessio just stood there, staring at her as if he was some sort of lost puppy, and why did it only make him even creepier? He wasn't bluffing when he said he wasn't going to budge if she didn't pass him the gun, was he?

God, she didn't have the patience for this now. She needed to continue searching.

"Alright. I give up. You get the gun."

She threw the shotgun as hard as she could, trying to get it as far from Alessio as she could on the narrow docks. Wouldn't it be great if it broke from the impact? But that was probably too much to ask for wasn't it?

"Keep your promise."

Her rifle was still right behind her.
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