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Alessio looked at her mouth and listened to her mouth. He thought about what to say.

"If you don't give me the gun, I won't leave. After you give me the gun, I will turn around, go and you won't hear of me again."

Alessio took a breath.

"I would not shoot you. You can do your thing. You can keep killing people, mess with people, talk with people. I don't want to see you dead. You are strong, you killed someone. You could even win this thing."

He dropped his sword.

"You can have this sword for your gun. Then, then you are not totally weaponless. You will be able to defend yourself from people."

Alessio tried to to open up. To tell Amanda his motivation. From killer to killer.

"Believe me or not, but giving me your gun helps you, if you want to come out of his alive. You...you don't seem to be the one to use this sh-shotgun in an offensive way. You don't seem to be a person who would use the gun to actively shoot people. You would not run into a group of people to shoot. That's what I do, though. That's what I'll do with the gun. And that helps you. I might die from stupidly attacking people, but I will kill people. You might survive, you might play less-risky, safe. And-and I help you. I kill people, you kill people and perhaps in a couple of days this game will end. You like this island? You like being here?"

He began shouting the last sentences. Then he began to talk calmly again.

"I don't. I really don't. We're stuck here for way too long. And now that Isabel and Nancy are dead, two people who did their jobs at making this game end faster, this will take longer. We will be stuck here longer. But I will do my best to let this madness end. You should be glad that I killed, and you should be glad you killed. To let the eventual winner sleep at home again soon."

Boom. Hopefully she did not think he was crazy. It was reasonable. He was reasonable. It was a horrible plan, kill people so others can get out faster, but it was also oddly selfless. Out of context this would've sounded so wrong to Al, to glorify killing. But in the context of SOTF this was the right thing to do.
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