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So she was a walking treasure bag to killers now. Anyone who had heard the announcements knew that she had food, water and a weapon. She knew it must have been a trap, but she hadn't thought of this. But it didn't matter whether she picked it up or not, after all. They'd all think she'd taken it anyway, because who would be stupid enough to turn away free food?

Which meant that Alessio had all the reason in the world to shoot her. The gun was probably his only advantage. How he'd managed to kill so many people. But he was afraid, he was a scavenger, he was a coward. She just needed to hang tight and maybe he'd go away. Or maybe he'd actaully shoot her. But he was still far enough away that it was worth a shot.

"Okay, give me a good reason to give you the gun. I'm not dumb enough to throw away my only weapon just so you can shoot me with it." She waved the shotgun a little, trying to draw attention to it, and away from the other gun lying on top of her duffel bag.

"Besides, you already have your own, don't you?."
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