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From her new position, Candice had a much better view of the two boys down by the shoreline. She didn't recognize one of them, but the identity of the other was something she was sure about.

Brendan. It was definitely Brendan.

Several days after being separated from everybody, she had finally managed to find someone she knew. Or maybe encountered would be a more accurate term, as saying that she found someone made it seem as though it were due to some action that she had taken that the two of them were now in the same place together. Honestly, anything more generous than stumbled upon or tripped over was giving her way too much credit.

Anyways, regardless of the circumstances, it was time to get herself out there and...


...and what, exactly?

Yesterday, the answer to that question was a firm "Join up, and the two of us will help each other out." Candice didn't have the slightest idea what to do about being on this island, and she had long since given up the pretense that she would ever figure it out. But she was sure that it was far safer to have no clue what to do as part of a group than to do it wandering around by oneself.

Being alone was something that got you killed.

You needed somebody you could trust to have your back. Even if he wasn't the top candidate, Brendan had been somebody she wouldn't mind to have in that position.

It wasn't as though she was unaware of what he had done on this island.

There wasn't any special knowledge she had about his circumstances that justified his actions.

She didn't have any sort of long friendship with him that would enable her to confidently say that he wouldn't kill somebody without a good reason.

"I met with him briefly and he seemed like a trustworthy guy" was the kind of thing that Candice had said to herself when his name was read out on the announcement. "I don't think he'll do anything wrong, and if he does I'll handle that as it happens." That was the sort of thing she had said, but now...

Now that she was actually faced with the prospect of placing her trust in him, rather than just talking to herself about it, she couldn't bring herself to step forward and greet him.
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