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Penelope smiled softly as Raina spoke, taking comfort in her friend's solidarity.

"Yeah, of course I trust you." She said, her voice slightly calmer. "I've got no reason not to."

She was satisfied with Raina's answer to her question. Even if it was probably a bit too idealistic of an answer, it at least made her feel a little bit better about what would happen to Raina after her inevitable death.

But... what would Penelope do if Raina, or any of her allies for that matter, got hurt first? What if she just got lucky and managed to avoid death while everyone around her got torn to pieces by the churning current of death that permeated the island?

"If... if someone were to hurt you I'd... I'd..."

Her hands shook slightly as her thoughts drifted back to her boyfriend's killer. What if he ended up hurting one of her allies? If he was enough of a raging psychopath to hurt Sam, there was no way he would have any problem hurting people who didn't even want to fight back. No doubt all he cared about at this point was going home, and he probably wouldn't even leave a piece of himself behind to die here with everyone else. A monstrous being like him wouldn't care about friends or family or common decency, just himself and nothing more.

If a freak like him hurt her friends, she would make sure they get proper justice. She would... she would...



Even if someone came along and took everyone she loved away from her, she still wouldn't be able to bring herself to hurt them.

They deserved to face justice, but there would be no way for her to bring that justice about herself.

She slumped, all of her energy torn away from her.

"I... I still don't know what I'd do..."
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