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There was a sound from behind her, breaking the almost tranquil silence of the docks.

She turned to the person who was approaching and while it took her a moment to work out who, but when she did, she backed up a step, her back bumping into one of the metal railings behind her with an unfortunate sound.

She needed to get out of there immediately. Alessio was walking right towards her, and there was absolutely no way that he'd missed her given how open the docks were.

So, fight or flight?

Flight? That would have been the option she would taken. But no, he was in front of her, and blocking the best way out. She'd have to go right past him. The ocean? She could swim, but if he decided to shoot her while she was trying to work out where she was, she was dead too. Fighting was stupid. He'd killed how many people now? He didn't look dangerous, but certainly four people couldn't be an accident.

But if she chose neither, then what? Wait and see? Try to talk her way out? That was how they got you, wasn't it, because you had no idea how you were supposed to react to them and ended up doing something stupid, which accounted for ninety percent of the things you could do when within thirty feet of a murderer.

But maybe she could play it tough. Maybe he'd buy it and go away. Maybe the fact that the terrorist had declared her a killer could work to her advantage.

"Don't come any nearer. I have a gun."
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