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Ben had been caught by surprise. Again.

It just wasn't his day.

The boy had emerged from the pile of towels with speed and agression that had completely caught Ben off guard. In the few moments that had taken him to throw his arms up in shock and back away the boy had rolled out from under the shelves, jumped to his feet and balled his fists, obviously preparing to punch him. Ben could only watch in horror as the boy threatened him, him wanting to run, but unable to, seeing as how his most precious possession - his wallet - lay between the boy's feet.

But the threatened punch never came.

The boy had stopped moving. He was still tense, but wasn't trying to attack him. If there was a moment to get the upper hand, this was it, and Ben knew it. His shock was dissolving and his mind was racing, thinking how to get to his boot before the boy could react, seeing as how it was on the floor beside the boy. He was just about to lower his arms and make a dive for it when the boy started to speak. The tone was harsh, and the words unintelligible, but they made Ben pause. Had he not been reminded that there were good people left earlier, he wouldn't have given this boy the benefit of the doubt, especially seeing how wound up he was, but now...

Clearly, the boy noticed his words had been too harsh as well, for when he spoke next the tone was loud and measured and the words were clear: "I'm not hostile."

There was a pause while the boy took a deep breath. "You?"

Ben didn't know what to say to that, so instead he just shook his head. The boy seemed sincere, but Ben didn't want to set him off accidentally.

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