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((Alessio Rigano continued from Halfway Home))

A human. Amanda.

That's who Alessio saw when walking the docks. She had killed. She had a weapon. Alessio had no way to hide from her. He could be dead any moment.

It was a beautiful view. The sound of the ocean reminded him of Italy. It was a beautiful view. A week ago, he'd wish to just silently be here, sit here with Vanessa and enjoy the moment.

But now, Amanda, a killer was here. She could kill him with her gun. He could not run away.

He could try to sneak up on her. Drown her. Throw her into the ocean.

But his breathing was loud, his footsteps were loud. He just stared at her.

She could shoot him and everything would be over for him. Alessio was prepared for that option. He's sweating. He's fine with that. Being dead was better than constantly having this pain in his arm.

He was not fine with it. He did not want to die.

But being shot was quick. Painless.

Perhaps Amanda was up to talk, to not immediately shoot him upon sight. But in the case of a talk, Alessio was not the person who'd speak up first.

He just silently stared at her with a pokerface.

He had Astrid's gun in his pocket, prepared it to be pulled out.
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