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Yep, no way Lana would have been allowed to get away with that foot-in-mouth-on-head-up-ass comment. Lana would have cringed herself, if she'd been the observer to her own epic failure. Without the smile, probably. Could have just been that Lana had little ability to imagine herself with a smile, period. Not as of late.

It was a bit odd. Lana was normally something of an arrogant smile-er. She hadn't even been dropping the clever hashtag bars someone like that weirdo Tessa Mabel might have been proud of.

"It's because I forgot my tinfoil."

Flaccid, dead on arrival. She'd at least tried to maintain the quota, like Coolidge.

"I dunno." Lana's eyes scanned infinity, that faraway place lying somewhere outside Diamondback's blind-draped windows. "I've been doing a lot of the housework as of late, like. Mom's super busy at work and all." And of course, it was normally Ben who did most of that. "I'll try to not fall asleep on you, Marie." She spared her friend a glance, in the singular. Looked away again, toward nothing in particular. "Have I ever, like... taken you to see Mom's work?"

Or had Marie studied in that particular school and had Lana already forgotten, her washcloth of a brain wrung out?
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