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Dot carefully stepped in the direction of Brendan, doing her best to hide Iz's head behind her. One hand behind her and the other with a taser ready to shoot.

She bit her lips. She didn't want to think about but will Brendan try to kill her?

He killed Bernadette, he killed a mutual friend from art club, does this mean he will try to kill her too? Ty was probably angry at Brendan. A part of her thought about it and she wondered how he reacted when he heard about her death. Maybe he was like Dot when she heard Lucilly's name and started to weep or maybe he will be like Dot when he finds Brendan and tears him apart limbs by limbs.

She thought about herself too. She killed someone who killed her friend. She stabbed Iz because she killed Asha, does that mean that Dot will have to stab Brendan because he killed Bernadette? A part of her was resentful, a part that wanted to put down Brendan, to stop him from killing a friend.

If she killed him, wouldn't that mean she would need to kill herself for Brendan to receive justice.

Mental olympics were never her forte and she didn't like thinking about her friend like that. If she had to kill him, she would. She would stab him or tase him and get his weapons and search for Jae.

Oh, about him. She wondered where he was. Probably still at the cabin with the androgynous person or maybe he left them to find Dot. What really caused a problem however was the relationship that Brendan and Jae had.

She remembered when he saw Brendan for the first time on the island, how Jae was threatening him with a crossbow. They couldn't cooperate or get along. Dot had to choose one and stick to them. Brendan would probably be more forgiving than Jae but she wasn't sure about that. Perhaps it was a fight gone wrong and Brendan knew that there would be no consequence if he killed Bernie.

She was sure of something: Brendan couldn't be trust. Well, kinda. She could trust him but she would need to keep ah eye on him. If he were to do anything fishy, a quick tase me shot and then she'd run.

Yep, that's what she's going to do. Still hiding Iz's skull behind her, she confirmed her presence.

"Yup, thats me. I'm a bit... bloody so don't freak out, okay? I'm going to walk toward your voice, don't be scared."

She realized the tone she was using was bad. As if she was talking to a dog that attacked a kid or something and she had to come near it and try to deal with the problem.
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