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Marie cringed openly at Lana's comment about thumbs. She loved her, in a sister/friend kind of way, but she wasn't going to be putting her thumbs in her mouth. That'd just be too weird(ly sexual) for them both. Still, she cringed with a smile, letting Lana know that the attempt was recognized. "A rather ladylike way of conducting oneself," Arthur's disembodied voice commented, falling back into his fake British accent.

All Marie could do, as Lana stumbled through words of halfhearted hope and hamstrung prayers, was nod along in agreement. Solidarity was the most important to show. She went on, telling Marie not to worry, something something, and then some comments about the nature of their friendship and forgetting things.

Lana was clearly out of it. She'd only made one conspiracy theory joke.

"Hey," Marie asked, putting aside her ice cream, "What's wrong? You seem kind of...

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