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The steps drew closer... closer.. closer.

Mind primed fists ready body tense. Fight or flight? Oh, it was as though he'd been born for the former. It didn't matter how meager his own body was. Adrenaline pump almost injected - only to be retracted at the last minute. His body's natural reserves would do just fine.

He knew there was no way to predict the exact moment. Predict where this other person was. Their stance could be reacted t---

ONE OF THE TOWELS WAS PULLED! ROLL, LEAP, FIST! In a few moments, Wade abruptly rolled off the towels, forced himself up and shaking away the last of them, and adopting a fighting stance. This wasn't ideal, but it would cover his vitals and head.

The shocked expression of the other boy threw him completely off, and his conscious kicked in. The adrenaline ride skidded to a halt just as he was about to launch a hit. In time to understand the other boy's potential non-hostility and soften the stance. By small fractions. The words came out clipped and aggressive. Too threatening, maybe, so he tried to drop the fists and soften it as they came out. Try and reassure this other person, even though instinct was screaming that he was letting his guard down at an absolutely critical moment.

"I'm not hostile. You?" Deep breath between that first sentence and the word. Very loud and audible. It would be a good cue for the other to cool it. That was what Wade attempted to practice. Release of energy. Cessation of visual, audible, and perhaps subliminal hostility signals. Well, it was all very sudden and he wasn't doing such a good job of it. It would just have to be enough to make this other male stay and say something.
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