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Lana felt the briefest of growling stomach complaints as she watched Marie vacuum up her food.

Promptly she told herself to shut up. She probably should have also clued herself in while she was at it, don't stare at people with her mouth slightly gaping like a lardy fish on the chopping block while those people were awkwardly diffusing their own brainfreeze. Thumb in the mouth. Lana swore she'd seen that particular trick before, somewhere besides as a mainstay of the young and barely toilet ready demographic.

'... Not been sleeping... bit paranoid...'

Lana was able to process some of it at a thoroughly inadequate speed. But her brain stayed like a slug, slow and probably slimy. Her expression thus stubbornly stayed, slack jaw, wide eye.

"Hell, I would have lent you my thumb if you'd asked." ... Er. Not sure where that doof of a line had come from, except maybe some loser screenwriters porno scropt. "You know what I mean." She made an idle swipe at the napkin as it skidded by, way too far for her to have bothered making the attempt if she'd been thinking at anything above a paperclip's worth of wattage. She missed, of course, and the wad of paper merrily skipped on by.

Marie said...

"Yeah. We just have to keep believing. Eventually the authorities will..." The authorities the Lana two months younger had never trusted, had derided. Lana's attempt trailed off, syllables becoming an awkwardly shoehorned breath becoming silence. She tried again.

"Sorry you haven't been getting much sleep. Don't worry about not calling. Like...

We're both just kind of forgetful, I guess."

She couldn't put any sort of value or remembrance to the number of weeks that had dredged through her living memory. She couldn't put a name to the faces, not when she hadn't seen them in forever.

"But that's always been our MO, right?" And the tone wasn't a question more than it was a particularly flabby statement.
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