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Lili laughed.

"Always dug spiders. Awesome little guys, finding a way to keep on trucking and scare the shit out of us humans when they're just so goddamn tiny, and sometimes fuzzy, like they're cute or something."

Lili laughed some more. It really was a cool name. Too bad it wasn't her own. Kizzy ran with it, though. Made some funny jokes. She rocked back and forth on her hands, feeling the emptiness inside replaced by a comforting warmth that stirred her soul to move again. She could very well lie and say that the name was entirely her own, take credit for other people's inventions - no way for Kizzy to fact check it, right?


"It's not my name, that I made up, though. It's actually the name of an album I like. I'm really into music, but usually pretty obscure and out there stuff. Spiderland isn't, like, super weird, but it's really raw and it really grabs you by the throat with some really heavy guitar riffs and spoken word sections and poems that break up the heavy bits, because funnily enough the singer can't really sing, he just kinda shouts in this angsty kinda wail, but it works because it matches the music just so well. So, I'm not original enough to come up with my own name. Not quite."

She wasn't sure if it was more appropriate to say that she was into music. She hadn't heard anything remotely musical for a week now, and it wasn't clear if she ever would.

Oh well.

"What kind of stuff do you listen to?"
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