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"Oh. Oh." Kizi's face lit up with realisation. Her eyes opened, wider than normal, and she nodded, taking it in, a satisfied smile appearing on her face. That was an amazing insight into Lili's thinking, in so many ways. Made her all the more awesome. Yup. It was a shame they hadn't been friends before all this because-nope. Nope. No regrets. Future. Think about that. Because their friendship was looking pretty awesome in the long term.

"That's...actually pretty smart. Makes it sound less...foreboding." She chuckled. Genuinely, this time. "I mean, it says a lot about how bad our situation is that a land of spiders seems pretty palatable in comparison, but...well, they're pretty awesome creatures, in fairness. I saw this spider once, and sadly I don't have Google Image to show you but it was awesome. It was metallic blue. Like, a really bright blue. It was awesome. Just a beautiful sight. And there's this other spider, in the Sahara I think, who like, rolls away from danger. Like, cartwheels away from it. Oh, and jumping spiders wear little droplets of water on their head."

She shook her head, trying to recalibrate her thoughts. "Sorry. Pretty awful anecdote without, y'know, an ability to back it up. It's kinda pointless saying, hey, this is awesome, if I can't show it to you." She looked down, staring at the same patch of floor Lili's eyes had been drawn to. "Yeah. It works pretty well. Sorry about asking, I might have, been, like, prying into something traumatic there or anything but-"

Kizi smiled again. It was good to think about this sort of thing. "You know, my first thought when you mentioned Spiderland was that, maybe in that announcement thing at the beginning, they'd tried to scare us to stay on the island by saying all the surrounding islands were covered in spiders, and I'd simply forgotten about that. Really dumb thought, I know." She clicked her tongue. "Spiderland. I like that. Have you, like, copyrighted it or something? Because I might want to plagiarise it." She smiled. It was good to joke again.
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