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Spiders? Like, actual spiders? Is that what it sounded like?

Lili couldn't help but laugh a little. She patted Kizzy on the back softly.

"No, no, it's not...not that."

She stepped back, letting go of Kizzy and sitting back down on top of the table. Looked down, and to the left, at a spot on the ground that looked just a little bit darker than the surrounding space.

"I call this place Spiderland," Lili explained, pointing at her face, "In my head. I hated thinking the island this and the island that. Makes me feel stupid saying it now, but, hey, it's something, that I did, to rationalize this place with myself, I guess, or something, I dunno."

She looked back up and shrugged, sticking her tongue out, but she couldn't help but feel the slightest bit empty inside.
~~~~~ Sadly CBP looked at a SOTF character. It was so sad... such a sad character... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?




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