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Kizi didn't really get what sort of reaction she was getting from Lili. She dropped her arms, eventually, a motion slightly tinged with regret. She'd missed hugs, but one obviously was not immediately forthcoming. Maybe she'd triggered some kind of arachnophobic reaction? Or Lili had let slip some random nickname or figment of her imagination or obscure injoke or something?

Her better judgement was distracted at that point. So Kizi asked further.

Just as her arms began to drop, Lili stumbled into them, and Kizi instinctively put her arms back up, pulling Lili into a tight embrace.

"Well, is it like, a part of the island with a tonne of spiders in? Because, I mean, I'm not arachnophobic, really, and if you are, that's fine, but if we need to venture back there, I can kind of be the one to go in and - yeah." That seemed like a smart and considerate offer.

Oh. It probably was something worse than that.

"Or is it...I mean, you can talk to me. Or not. Your choice."
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