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Kizi realised she may have been a bit too brusque. Maybe a little bit too dismissive. Lili's enthusiasm was deflated almost immediately, and Kizi felt incredibly guilty for that. "Yeah. That'd sound nice." She felt apologetic, wanted to do what she could to help recover Lili's exuberant and boisterous energy. Someone acting so theatrical, so inspirational, so gloriously hammy...that was an element of comedy that she realised she missed the moment she ensured its absence. "And, hey, if it becomes a rowdy party with booze and whatever, I wouldn't complain." She chuckled. Again, not her style, but then again, none of this was.

"Yeah, I don't think we need to...consciously aim for slower growth. Even if we blanket the island in posters..." She shrugged. "Yeah, it'll be intimate at first. Just it could be too successful for its own good. Just a..." She chuckled, nervously, hoping to bring back some of that levity. "Just something to keep in mind, y'know? Something to be cognizant of."

"And sure. That'd be nice. And if more people join in...that'd be nice." She smiled, and offered her open arms for a hug.

"...what's Spiderland?"
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