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"Well, sure, they might not agree to a full blown party," Lili said, backpedaling a little (both in her words and on her feet), "But maybe what I meant was...more of a relaxed space. I mean, I don't get invited to many parties, so I don't know what came up in your mind when I said that, but I was just thinking a lighthearted space where we can kind of relax, and maybe have a little fun to pass the time, I guess."

Her enthusiasm had been slightly curbed. She wasn't going to back down completely as far as her ideas went, but Kizzy's rational words had taken her head out of the clouds and put her feet back on the ground.

"If we're aiming for slower growth, then maybe only put out three posters instead of five. Simple as that, really, pick slightly less traversed places to put 'em, and bam, a more intimate setting blossoms and blooms. And we're not gonna let ritual sacrifice slide just to drag this out longer. Trust me. These guys who put us here ain't gods, just wackjobs with a little too much time and money, got me? I'm not gonna hurt anybody, because it's what they want, and because I don't want to. If others can't take that much control over their own fate, and take to picking each other off, then they get ousted."

Voted off the island, so to speak. Except they're still on the island, and they're not being voted off but physically removed, and-

"I wouldn't kill you. I wouldn't hurt anyone."

Words started to spill out of her brain.

"So if somehow we're the last two left, then we'll have that party, okay? Just the two of us, here, looking out over the ocean and Spiderland and all, and we'll be the real winners."

Another beat of silence, and Lili turned her gaze downward.

"I mean, I hope it doesn't come down to that..."
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