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"That seems like a good way to order it," Lili replied, "Introduce our idea, build on it, and take it to its artfully logical conclusion." Now, she was grooving. She was in the zone. Improv free jazz, her flute being her brain, fluttering around in dancing circles with Kizzy, bouncing off of her awkwardness, meshing with her insight, all building towards a peaceful conclusion, serene and pleasant. She was excited now. Not annoyed, excited.

And then the question was asked.

"What then?"

Lili didn't think that Penelope had wanted them to kill themselves on the spot when they all showed up. At the very least, that's not how it had sounded to her. They were waiting for the collars. A long waiting game, until everything went kablam and they all died, hopefully simultaneously so nobody had to sit and watch their friends' heads get blown off.

Waiting game.

"Party," Lili said, "It could be this big fucking party, at the end of our lives, at the end of our worlds, y'know?"

She stood up on the table and threw her hands out dramatically. If there ever was a time for spectacle, this was it.

"We have food, they have food, and lots of water, and who knows what else they have? We could fuck around, have fun, unload baggage, do whatever the hell we want, because it sure as fuck isn't what they want. They want us to be at each other's throats, dying, bleeding, but what they don't expect is for us to be normal teenagers and throw the best fucking party of our lives. No regrets! No hangups! No hangovers! We're all gonna die, so why not do it as ourselves?"

A wild, crazy smile spread across her face. She wasn't smiling out of sweetness, or to look nice, or to be polite or reassuring but out of genuine excitement for the first time in what felt like ages, even if those ages had been just a few days ago. Lili did a small hop off of the table, and stood facing toward Kizzy.

"How's that sound?"
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