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"Okay. Yes. Forget about the past. Well, don't forget about it. That wasn't what you were saying. But, yeah. Future, focus. On it. Yeah." It was a disjointed mess, but it helped get her thoughts in order. They should remember the past. Learn from it. Be motivated by it. But no time for regrets. That would jeopardise everything.

The commandments thing and the symbol idea were good. Was a wee bit grandiose, maybe. Or had the risk of descending into that kind of thinking, at the very least. They had to be wary of that trap. Couldn't let this be mutated into a vehicle for their own preservation, after all. Couldn't let this become a personality cult sort of thing. Kizi nodded, though. She was sure Lili was in a similar mind to her on that front. No point in insulting her integrity by bringing it up.

"Yeah. So, maybe we can kind of, like, integrate our plan into the rules?" Kizi stood up, beginning to pace a little bit. Still within jumping distance of her gun, so she could throw herself at it if some intruder came in with disastrous intentions. Her senses were largely on a break, and she was hoping Lili would be on guard for any subtle indications of threat. "So, the first few items could be about what we're gonna do, then the sort of rules we'd live by, and then the end goal?"

She stood at the end of the table, scratching her head. She needed a shower. But, no time to worry about that. "And if...if we do get everyone together...and I mean everyone...what then?" Penelope's plan seemed like the logical answer. But fuck. It felt unsatisfying. Maybe they were getting ahead of themselves. And it would, at the end of the day, be a good problem to have. But still.
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