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Lili's analysis was good. Very good. Kizi found herself with her hands over her mouth, eyes staring idly at the floor, just listening intently to her weighing up the options. It was far more rigorous and methodical than her own off-the-cuff intuition-reliant guesswork, and Kizi felt that their collective chances were already being improved dramatically just by talking things out. Just by discussing the options. Just by approaching some kind of truth.

"Yeah." She ran her hand through her hair when Lili's thoughts reached a natural conclusion, when she silently passed the baton of conversation onto her. "My current instinct...is some sort of middle ground?" She clicked her tongue. Kizi was well-aware that that sort of middle-of-the-roadism was indecisive. Vague. Imprecise. She leaned back, trying to think of the words to substantiate it. To give it meaning. She shifted her eyes up to the ceiling, hoping that the change in scenery would kickstart some latent thinking.

"Yeah. Maybe if it's a kind of...we just lay out our plan. What we're doing. A few bullet-points. No need to overelaborate on it. We're gonna draw things out. Establish a safe zone. A few simple bullet-points should suffice. Or a numbered list. Either works." Kizi furrowed her brow. "Alphabetising the list wouldn't work. Actually, numbers will probably be the best bet. Has a sort of chronological clarity, a sort of..." Kizi realised what she was saying. "Sorry. Getting ahead of myself. Yeah. We'll say we'll be taking over..." She pulled out her map.

"Two adjacent subareas in different areas. Because so far they've only danger-zoned areas together. Exception being the library and..." Her thoughts turned more to the danger zone mechanic. "We'll need, like, to draw up a backup list every day. Distribute it to the people in the community. Get things going that way."

She stopped herself from talking any more. She was getting mired in details. Trying to control her thoughts, suppress her doubts, with a fast pace of tackling the minutiae. But she had to think about the big picture at least a bit. Wiping a sole tear of exhaustion from the corner of her eye with the side of her hand, she spoke with more vulnerability. "I wish we'd started earlier. I really wish we had."
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