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Marie couldn't help herself from scooping up more ice cream than she could handle. She had neglected food recently, besides the occasional toaster waffles or quick protein bar, and to finally have the excuse to eat something that wasn't one of those two things was like a godsend to her. The initial few spoonfuls didn't get to her too badly, but after just a short while she felt the telltale aching of brain freeze creep along the roof of her mouth. She began sucking on her thumb, pressing her fingertip against where it felt the most cold, when Lana asked her question.

"Wahl, ah've nawt bin sleaypin, ryecentlee," Marie said, her thumb still in her mouth, "Guss ayh've bin ah bit pahrahnoyd, wike, abowt fings witt Arshur."

Lana had a somewhat confused expression on her face.

Marie's eyes widened, and she pulled her thumb out of her mouth, her cheeks turning pink. In her state of mild embarrassment, she remembered to take a napkin from the dispenser on the side of the table and clean off her thumb thoroughly, all the while fighting off the retreating brain freeze in her skull. "Sorry, sorry," she mumbled, "Ice cream just does that thing, like, with the coldness, and I thought I could make it stop with my thumb, see, but I forgot it was in there." Hastily, she crumbled the napkin up into a ball and rolled it along the table towards the wall, where it stopped just out of view of Lana's sight.

"I was, um, just saying that I've been fine," Marie explained, regaining her composure, "A little bit of worry here and there, but for the most part, I have faith. Not much sleep, as you can probably, aha, as you can probably tell."

A beat of silence passed.

"I mean, I could say the same, that I should've called you too. Don't worry about it. All's well, yeah?"
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