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Lili weighed the options in her head. The first sounded like a lot of work, and since the others weren't here yet it probably wasn't the best idea to write out a manifesto so soon. Plus, there was a good chance that people wouldn't even read the damn thing - that they'd see it on their walks and wandering and just move past. However - and this was a fairly decent sized 'however' - those that did show up would be those who hopefully read the whole thing and found themselves agreeing so much that they could hardly contain their excitement! Could she really turn those people, those genuine seekers away?

The second poster plan was efficient, but it lacked the element of honesty that the other idea required of applicants. People wouldn't have much to go off of, considering the circumstances, and they'd attract more halfheartedly confused people than anything else. People with dumb questions. She'd never have to know those questions if she just turned them away, of course, but that wasn't entirely up to her.

In the end, she found herself caught in the middle between the two options.

"Well yeah, we definitely can't mention Plan B," she said, putting a finger to her lips, "But like, I dunno, which one of those choices is the better one? And what if people think we're luring them into a trap?" Lili paused for a moment. "Yeah, if anyone's gonna think we're just trickin' them, then the longer poster might be better, if only 'cause nobody goes to that much effort for a trick, unless they're like, super dedicated, or something, y'know?"
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