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There was nothing more to say after his outburst, or more accurately so much to say that he couldn't bring himself to start.

He said he'd wanted to die hadn't he? Or was he completely misunderstanding his statement. Sure, it was absolutely clear what he was saying, but maybe that wasn't what he meant? What was he supposed to say then.

After all, Nate wasn't the kind of person that would do that was he? Not as far as he knew him, at least. Anxious maybe, but not suicidal.

He wasn't going to let him do it though. Not on his watch. He had to do something. Something. Anything.

But yet a part of him wanted to pull back a little. As if afraid that if he talked too much he might say something stupid, make things worse.

But something needed to be said, even if he didn't know what. Whatever he said wasn't going to be 100% awesome and great no matter how much more he thought so he might as well just say it.

"You don't really mean that, do you? No that's not-"

A pause while he tried to get his thoughts in order.

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