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(Minor GMing approved)

(Benjamin Lichter continues from Hyphaema)

Ben walked along the road. He was looking for a place to get his bearings, take stock of his preparations and get some information he needed. He passed the vehicle compound where he had been put originally, but decided against going in, instead heading to the building next to it.

The building smelled of corpse. That made part of Ben glad; he had been looking for one here, but that didn't make the other part of him feel any less queasy. It was also totally dark inside. That meant that, if there was a camera inside, he could try to hide what he was doing. Perfect. Ben took his bag off his shoulder and fished out his flashlight. Also in the bag was his new possession, the chair leg. Ben had decided against swapping his boot out for the chair leg, since he couldn't throw the chair leg.

He switched on the flashlight and hoisted his bag back onto his shoulder. Then he walked in. He swept the flashlight around and soon found the corpse which was responsible for the smell. He didn't recognize it, but he did notice its collar was intact. Good! He then looked for a place where he could sit down.

He found one. It was beside an alcove, just outside of sight of the door. In the alcove were a few shelves, and a pile of towels lay on the floor under them.

Sitting down with a grunt, he pulled his bag in front of him and pointed his flashlight inside. He found his map, and took it out. There was some deciding to do.

The plan Ben had come up with was simple, very simple, but he had reason to believe it might work. It had been assembled piece by piece during his time in the asylum. It was made of two parts: The first part had come to him when brainstorming how to avoid the "players". The obvious solution was, of course, to hide. To hide somewhere where they wouldn't or couldn't go. And where wouldn't they go?

Well, the danger zones, of course. But he couldn't either. Unless he was dead, he had suspected, since why would the terrorists kill what's already dead? And the corpse next to him confirmed that.

But what if the terrorists only thought he was dead? Ben didn't know if the collars could check if people were alive, but if not, that meant the terrorists who watched the cameras turned them off when they thought people had died.

He hadn't gotten any further with the plan then, because he understood that doing it would only protect him as long as he was in a danger zone and the terrorists thought he was dead. When it ended, either he would have to keep still and risk "players" finding him, or the terrorists would explode his collar. Plus, it was next to impossible to predict where the next danger zone was going to be. When he had checked his map, he had remembered that most of the places except the the asylum had been danger zones. The problem had been remembering which ones hadn't been danger zones yet, since those were the ones most likely to be the next ones - at least, he suspected.

He hadn't been able to.

The second part of his plan had come in bits and pieces after the library had burned down. The terrorist's broadcast had told him a few things: For, one that there were probably terrorists on the island, which he had confirmed - probably hiding in the danger zones themselves - but the other thing the broadcast had told him was that any place that was on fire would be declared a danger zone, and would be quickly put out. Because a fire might attract attention from other places.

Now if only Ben or someone else could stop them from doing that.

It wasn't too difficult to put two and two together at that point.

He was looking at the map now, trying to decide what to burn. There were a couple of places that Ben could set alight: One of the buildings around him, the storehouse at the bottom of the island, and the asylum itself.

The problem with the first and last, though, was that he might kill one of the classmates who weren't killing. So ultimately, it wasn't much of a decision. Feeling rather pleased with himself, he put the map away and had a quick look inside the first-aid kit. There was the lighter he was going to use, and the rest of the stuff. Then he put that away too and took out his wallet.

How was it that he and no one else had thought of this plan, he wondered. Then again, he thought, it wasn't entirely his idea - somebody else had burned down the library, and without them he wouldn't have had the idea or the information he needed. And, he thought while he smiled at his wallet, he had a small ace in the hole, something he doubted most of the others would have.

He relished the thought of what he would do once the terrorists went to the storehouse.

The two things left on his list to do were 1) get a glass shard from a window somewhere, preferably from the library, since he knew there were windows left there and 2) go to the storehouse.

The problem was, of course, that the library was occupied at the moment. And it was on his way to the storehouse. So he had to wait.

He looked around for something to do in the meantime. Glancing to the side, he looked at the towels under the shelves. Remembering something about wrapping a towel around your face in a fire, he scooted over and grabbed one.

But then the pile lurched, and Ben shot back, yelling in fright and dropping his wallet.
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