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Vanessa's words did sound good but Kimiko found herself thinking about how she didn't deserve them. She appreciated the meaning behind them however and Vanessa was right. Despite that Kimiko was sure the meaning she was getting from Vanessa's words wasn't what the other girl had intended. Vanessa's message of giving up killing because the only person she needed to answer to was herself had the opposite effect. Kimiko remembered the main reason she was doing what she was doing. Her goal of ensuring Caleb's sacrifice wasn't in vain was why she was taking the path she was. She had come up with her plan and everything linked to it to achieve that one goal.

Maybe no one would understand in the end, or maybe they would and she would still be branded as selfish and cowardly. In a way that assessment was also correct, Kimiko couldn't run from that. She was selfish and cowardly but there was still an underlying current of some humanity wasn't there? The desire to ensure someone she cared about died for something more.

She nodded to Vanessa and spelled out a thanks, then moved past the girl and out of the room.

Vanessa probably wouldn't realise quite what she had done or potentially she could have in a small way.

Kimiko's resolve had been strengthened. It had just been strengthened in a way Vanessa may not have intended.

They may hate her or think her a monster. But Vanessa was right in the end, she only had to justify her actions to herself, anyone tried to tell her otherwise, 'tell ‘em to fuck right off'.

Commitment was key.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))
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