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It came out blunter than he meant it to, but it was the simple truth. There was no one to look for. His close friends had taken a different science class this year. When he'd found it out he'd been a little disappointing, but he'd brushed it off easily enough. In the long run it didn't really matter if you got to spend time with your friends in science class or not. Or so he'd thought. It turned out it was a huge deal. The only ones he'd had to lose in the damn place were Joshua, who he had gotten along pretty well with even if they weren't real friends, and Lizzie, who he barely knew before the field trip gone wrong.

"Well uh, there's no one to look for."

That probably was also the wrong thing to say. Ty probably had people he was still looking for, and it could be seen as a tad dismissive.

But that didn't matter much, because Keith was pretty sure he heard footsteps. Loud ones.

"Shit," he muttered.

Meeting his classmates had become a lot less appealing recently.
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