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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Love Runs Out]]

It might've been a bit of an impious thing to do, but Fiyori wasn't one for piety anyway. She had looted most of Jeremy's bag, after deciding that carrying hers and his was too much for her. The things he had collected were... at times quite wondrous, and it made Fiyori wonder. Jeremy couldn't be asked about it anymore, of course. He would be silent forever.

...seeing him die in her arms. She wanted to laugh about it. She couldn't though. Jeremy's demise still was too fresh in her memories. Still, she wasn't sure why this death hit her harder than so many others, of so many people she cared more about than Jeremy. Maybe it was because she was there. Jeremy died in her arms, while the majority of her friends deaths were relayed to her by the morning announcements.

But that couldn't be the whole thing either. After all, she liked Noah, too. She digged Alan as well, fucked him after all. And she didn't feel so heavy about their deaths either. Was Jeremy so much closer than those two? Or was it the circumstances?

She didn't know the answer, and it annoyed her.

Fiyori pulled out the Raging Bull. The gun was lighter in her hands than she had assumed. She eyed the parts of the weapon, felt the shapes of the gun as her fingers slid all over the metal.

Her actual destination was the cafeteria. There was no real purpose behind that decision, aside from some sort of nostalgic value. It surprised her to see it occupied. It shocked her even to see it wasn't seized by Georgia Lee and whatever bitch she had for today. Shouldn't have been a shock, of course, because Fiyori knew better. Such was the nature of feelings. They didn't make sense at all...

Such was the nature of feelings..?

Fiyori looked around the library. She held the gun even tighter now.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.]]
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