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Jeremy's hand stopped moving. As his number's of breathes ran out, his hands clung to hers tighter and tighter. But now, it wasn't moving anymore. The natural contractions and jittering, the active pressure of a living being had ceased to be. Fiyori didn't let go of his hand.

He had tried to say something. He managed to utter out a single syllable, but the rest of his will died with him. It could've been a question, or maybe it was meant to be a plea. Perhaps he knew who killed him, and desired a vow of revenge. Or maybe it was just a declaration to the world, or one to Fiyori all alone. She wouldn't know, and she could never ever know because Jeremy was no more. He could say nothing more. All of his was gone, with a shot to the lung and all Fiyori could do was some pathetic attempt at comfort.

She looked down on his lifeless body. It was still warm, but that warmth was an illusion. It made Fiyori upset. More so that she would've expected. There weren't any sobs she had to spare, or tears to spill, but Fiyori noticed the irritation in her own breath. She noticed the heaviness of her own body, still in contact with Jeremy's. Her mind felt empty, yet bursting with too much. Out of all the people on this island, Jeremy would not have been one of her 'favorites' or anything. And yet in that moment, his death appeared to be the greatest wrong she had ever witnessed.

     . . .

     Fiyori held on to his body a little while longer.


She looked up. The window had been shattered, and pale light fell into the room. It illuminated the floor, the desk, the bag and even Jeremy seemed to have a gray serenity to him.

It never quite got to her, but the island was much more beautiful than she thought.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Zum Glueck in die Zukunft II]]
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