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"I mean, I guess I get it, but...uh..."

Silly of her to worry about it, but Asuka wasn't sure she actually got the joke. Was misanthropy the punchline? Or was it reverse-misanthropy?

For long seconds, she stared at Audrey's shoes. "Huzzah for us for being fucked up, I guess?"

Asuka didn't really know what to say past that. Audrey had sorta agreed, sorta disagreed with her, and she didn't feel articulate enough right now to defend her points. Not like she had anything better to say, though.

"I guess what I meant was, none of us are actually, like, evil or anything. We're fucked up, everybody's fucked up a little, but that's not reason to call down fire and brimstone and throw us in hell, cuz we're still decent, and we're fucked up, but it's good that we're fucked up, and then you have decent but fucked up people fucking other people up and it's beautiful cuz it's so fucked up, right? It's a right little tragedy. Bad things happen to good people because good people do bad things to good people."
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