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Raina mouthed to him that they'd talk later. Or well at least that was what Johnny had guessed with what he could see. It was fine, though. They could talk later. 'Later' was a good word. Saying 'later' meant you'd try and do something in the future. It was, so to say, a plan which you were having.

She was good at that whole planning thing, wasn't she? Better than Johnny either way.

Penelope acknowledged his existence as well. Which was great, to be honest, because she also stopped crying, though Johnny feared that was just a pause. Couldn't stand to see her crying. Blair's wailing was unbearable enough on it's own, he could do a day without hearing someone spill their tears.

Johnny jaunted over to where Raina and Penelope was. He got what Penelope asked. Quite the dark change of topic there, huh?

He shut up. His eyes wandered over to Raina, curiosity in them, as Johnny waited for her answer.
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