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Penelope tensed slightly as Raina took hold of her shoulders, only to relax and lean back into her friend.

She sighed and leaned her head back, staring up into the sky. The air was chilly, despite the sky's near complete clarity. It was almost ominous, as if something was coming their way.

She turned her head toward Johnny, finally deciding to acknowledge his presence. "Sorry you had to walk in on this, Johnny." She said, her voice betraying the stress she was feeling.

Her arms were crossed and were soon found resting on her knees as she pulled them up to her chest. She put her head down on her arms, taking a moment to breathe in and out and calm herself. She didn't want to bother to acknowledge the other boy. He seemed to be keeping to his own devices, so she would keep to hers.

Her mind began to feel cloudy, as she stared into the blankets of forgotten ash around her. Keeping focus on any one idea was difficult as she raced from one thought to the next, seemingly unable to give any of them the proper time for her to really think and consider them.

She found herself speaking again, absentmindedly. "Raina," she began, her voice timid. "What if... what if someone were to hurt you? What would you want me to do?"

"Or if that's too hard a question..." She squeezed her arm as she consciously considered what she was saying. "What would... what would you do if someone were to hurt me?"
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