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Fiyori felt Jeremy's hair, drenched in sweat and the dust of days. She could feel his head bobbing and moving so slightly, and then with a violent might as Jeremy coughed.

She tossed the water bottle to the side. It rolled on the floor until it hit the leg of the desk.

There they were. Fiyori and her dying friend. It might have been odd to use that word to describe Jeremy. They weren't close, they didn't do much together, but something has bound them together. Something strong. Something that made Fiyori call him her friend.

Fiyori moved closer. She was careful in her motions, and shifted her own body so that she could rest Jeremy's head on her chest. Her hand met his. He tried to say something.

"Don't talk now. None of it matters anymore. Just..." She grasped his hand more firmly. She didn't know what to say.
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