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The water went down his throat. It felt clear. Clean. Pure. For a moment, the metallic feeling that filled his throat vanished, it was like normal again.

And then the water got caught and then he couldn’t breathe and he coughed and he sputtered and then the blood the metallic feeling came back filled his throat made it so that he couldn’t breathe made it so that he had to cough. Again and again. The sound was off. The noise coming from his cough didn’t sound right. It was heavy it was deep and it hurt it wheezed it clenched down on his lungs crushed them squeezed out and it hurt it hurt the pain came back it was warm it was cold and it was sharp and it hurt it hurt he had to try he had to focus he had to block it out if he even wanted to focus on anything else because it was there it was rising it was all-encompassing and he could barely think of anything else other than that fact.

But he had to.

He had to think.

He had to block out the pain.

Because it was her. It was Fiyori, kneeling down above him. Moving his head up.

He was dying.

He knew that.

But it was her.

He finally found somebody.

He had to say it.

He had to do it, before it was too late.


And then the coughs came back.

And then the metallic feeling came back. Controlled his throat, again.

And then there was nothing more coming from his mouth.
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