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he would not die alone.

Fiyori stepped to his side, and kneeled besides him. She gave his body a look-over, and she could see clearly. Blood seeped through his clothing, it's flow originating from a hole in his chest. Fiyori wasn't a doctor, or had any experience with medical expertise, but even she knew. There was no way for her to fix a torn lung.

With horror, she realized, that there was nothing for her to do.

...no, that wasn't the truth either. She looked around the room, and spotted a bag sitting on the desk nearby. Fiyori presumed it to be Jeremy's bag and without hesitations did she pull out a bottle of water.

Fiyori opened the bottle. Then, with one hand she took her the edge of the poncho and wiped away the spit and blood from Jeremy's lips. Then she took his head, lifted it from the ground and guided the bottle to his lips.
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