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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Cast in the Name of God]]

There was a gunshot ringing out nearby.

Fiyori froze and pressed herself hard against the wall. She focused on what her ears perceived, and she thought to hear footsteps slowly fading into the distance. Her mind, having acknowledged this aural input, warned Fiyori of the obvious danger she just ran into. However, what her senses were telling was a different matter.

There was no tension in the air. No, it was more like witnessing the strike of a lightning bolt on a clear spring day. A violent oddity and yet not a source of danger to Fiyori. So she ventured further.

She entered the room where she assumed the gunshot have occurred. Fiyori realized it wasn't the brightest idea, a poor choice of action from a tactical point of view. But curiosity, again, got the better of her.

Fiyori considered a good sign she didn't die the moment she passed the threshold. She gave the room a quick look-over. The body barely hiding behind the deck was the first thing she noted. It took her two seconds further and two steps farther to realize the body was still breathing. Barely breathing, but still breathing.

With the next step, she knew whose body it was.


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